Am I in the delivery area?

We deliver to these cities: Boulder, Longmont, Erie, Superior, Lafayette, Louisville, Firestone, Fredrick, Niwot, Gunbarrel and Broomfield to about 120th. If the website will not let you place your order you may be out of the area. For questions text Karin at 719-838-0029.

Why are there no delivery dates available?

Because the menu is closed. The website will not let you order after the menu closes at 6pm on Monday and before the new menu is posted at 1:00pm on Wednesday. So you will not be able to select the delivery day and place your order until 1:00pm on Wednesdays. 

When does the menu close?

The menu closes at 6pm every Monday.

When is the new menu posted?

The new menu will be posted on every Wednesday at 1pm.

When do you delivery?

Deliver is on Thursdays. Our delivery driver is an employee of Eat 100 Foods, we do not use a delivery service like Door Dash or Grubhub. 

What if I’m not home?

Please leave a cooler on your porch and our driver will place your order inside. This keeps hungry neighbors and squirrels out of your meals. In the hot summer months it's a good idea to place an icepack in the cooler. 

How do I heat my meals?

Each meal will be labeled with heating instructions. Most meals have instructions similar to this. 

Heat in the microwave for 1-2 minutes, stir and heat another minute if needed. Or transfer to a baking dish and heat in the oven.

What are your containers make from?

We use white containers made from polypropylene. The container and the lid are microwave safe and recyclable.

How do you portion your meals?

Our meals are portioned for 1 person to a container. 

How large are your portions?

We portion our proteins and sides based on weight: generally 3-6 ounces of protein per serving, and approximately 4-6 ounces of a side dish per serving.

How do I know if you deliver to my house?

We deliver to a radius of 20 miles of our kitchen in Longmont, Colorado. The website will not let you place the order if you are outside the delivery zone. 

What kind of meat do you use?

Our beef or chicken is called “never ever,” which means animals have never been given hormones or antibiotics. Red Bird Chicken and Aspen Ridge Beef, both are Colorado companies. 

How do you handle dietary restrictions?

Our meals are made in a kitchen that uses milk, wheat and nuts. If you have a serious allergy consider my Personal Chef Services. For questions about our ingredients, please email me.