Personal Chef Service provides you with custom menus and nourishing meals on a weekly basis. This is our premium service each menu is designed according to your dietary requests, food sensitivities, likes and dislikes. Meals are delivered weekly in glass pyrex. This is a different service from the weekly menu posted on the website. 

Enjoy carefully selected ingredients prepared by a nutritionist.

Paleo, Ketogenic, Vegetarian, Vegan, AIP, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Low Fodmap, Wahls, Night Shade-Free, Food Allergies or Sensitivities?

How it works

1. Get a free consultation

Set up a free consultation to discuss in detail your likes, dislikes, dietary needs and allergies.


2. Adapt the menu

I’ll create a menu specifically tailored to you. The menu is then sent to you via email for approval. You may accept the menu as it is or make changes to get it exactly as you like. Catering to your dietary needs is my specialty.


3. Do nothing on cook day

On cook day, I do the shopping, prepare your meals in my catering kitchen and package the meals in glass pyrex containers. The meals are delivered to your door step in an insulated bag.


4. Savor your meals

Enjoy delicious meals that reheat in minutes with easy heating instructions.

Relax and enjoy your healthy dinners, stress free!

Personal Chef FAQ

How much does Personal Chef Service Cost?      

  • Chef Service: 4 dinners with sides catered to you is $450 + groceries. This is 16 meals. 
  • Simple Service: 3 dinners with sides catered to you is $350 + groceries. This is 12 meals.
  • Mini Service: 2 dinners with sides catered to you is $250 + groceries. This is 8 meals. 
  • Custom solutions are also available, priced upon request. Just ask! Typically special requests have been for busy weeks, special occasions, pregnancies, hospitalizations, family gatherings, or retreats. I’d love to design the perfect meal service just for you.
How do you know what kinds of food I eat?
  • I have a food questionnaire for you to fill out so I know exactly what foods you would like for your customized menu. 
How many servings of each meal do you prepare?
  • I prepare 2 - 4 servings of each meal. Contact me if you need something different. 
How often are my meals delivered?
  • Once a week on the same day each week. 
What else do I need to know?
  • Here’s the fine print. I have a contract for you to read and electronically sign. It details that I requires a $100 administrative fee before the first service.

            Sounds great. How do I get started?

            • Contact Karin for a free initial consultation.
            • Email
            • Phone 719-838-0029
            • Or schedule a 15 minute consultation HERE.